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The ClosetAdviser.com is dedicated to home organization. We will share solid information on products, write commentary and propose solutions for your storage woes.

Who is the Closet Adviser?  My name is Cindy Bernier and I am the founder and president of Connecticut Closet and Shelf. For the past 24 years my awesome staff and I have created intelligent and aesthetic built-ins for countless homeowners, builders, designers, architects and professional organizers alike.

My skills as a passionate ‘space-problem solver’ grew from a different kind of training in the world of space.   I am a dancer.  From my professional career as a ballet/modern dancer, teacher and choreographer, I grew a unique vision on space. I guess you could best describe it as having one foot planted firmly in the world of objects while the other dances in the world of space.  With the left side of my brain eager to solve space problems relating to objects, the right side of my brain is soaring through beautiful space. Yes, I feel a constant push/pull to reconcile the question of objects versus space.

You may ask how a dancer landed in the land of home organization/storage design….It does sound funny.  The abridged version goes like this:

Radio City Rockett and World War 2 USO dancer marries Song Writer, has 5 daughters and sends 5 daughters to ballet classes for discipline. Fast Forward:  Number 3 Daughter — Me, dances professionally with modern and ballet companies. She grows artistically rich but economically impoverished!

Number 3 Daughter is trained to design for closet company. She soon learns that her skills as a dancer/choreographer award her magical insight and talent to organize space in limited, problematic areas. Her bank account is in the black!

Number 3 Daughter forms Connecticut Closet and Shelf in 1987 and over the years attracts the best talent in the field, thus sustaining a successful business based 75% on referrals. Fast Forward:  I am still living in the left and right side of my brain — dancing, designing organized space and happy to share my experience on ClosetAdviser.com.

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