A New Dressing Room

Melissa Calkins Frank is a designer and storage design specialist at Connecticut Closet & Shelf with over 15 years experience.

August 7th, 2015 No Comments

The client opened up small closets to make one large open space.  The renovated space revealed an enclosed duct, lowering the ceiling height and creating an alcove feeling along a  long primary wall.

The client requested crown molding for a finished look with a variety of hanging, shelving and drawers.

By moving the more petit woman to the  lower ceiling area, the double hanging was not compromised.

We tapered the vertical panels in the back, leaving the front height at 84″ and creating an illusion of full height within the alcove area.  The top shelf was more shallow, but provided the stability to continue the crown molding.

dressing_room_before                dressing_room_after

Final Result:  Lovely crown all around and happy client.

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