Built in Closet Systems

Claudia Veihl Marketing Director, Designer and CAD Developer at Connecticut Closet & Shelf.

February 1st, 2016 1 Comment

There are two different ways a built in closet can be constructed. Both systems, when designed with care and built with quality materials, will provide similar storage. The decision which one to use depends on aesthetics, location and attachment possibilities as well as budget constraints. Often a combination of both systems is used in order to maximize the benefits of each.

Wall hung or floor mounted construction options for closet storage.
Floor based system without crown molding (left), a wall hung system with crown molding (middle) and a floor based system with crown molding (right)

Wall Hung

Vertical panels are hung from a horizontal rail which is attached to wall studs. The weight of the unit is carried by the rail and wall itself.


  • Additional floor storage for larger sized items
  • Accessible for cleaning underneath
  • No shimming or leveling necessary if floors are uneven
  • Easier incorporation of existing wall obstructions like vents and base trims
  • Floor material can be easily changed
  • Easily attached to drywall and wall studs
  • Similar closet layout on the average cheaper by 25% (see example)


  • Shelf depth size limited to 16”
  • Horizontal rail may be visible
  • Not as sophisticated in appearance as a floor based unit with base and crown molding

Floor Based

Units are supported by the floor and attached to the wall with brackets to prevent tipping over.


  • Deeper shelving possible (if deeper than 30” accessibility will be limited)
  • More sophisticated built-in look with possible base and crown molding


  • Incorporating and working around existing wall obstructions like vents and floor trims more difficult
  • Replacing existing flooring more difficult
  • May need shim work if floor is uneven
  • Usually more expensive by about 25%  for a similar layout (see example)

Wall Hung vs. Floor Based Cost Example

Floor mounted closets can cost up to 25% more than wall mounted construction because they use more material.
The storage capacity for both systems is similar but because the floor based system uses more material it is about 25% more expensive.


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