Clearing Inherited Clutter

Tracy Boyce is an internationally renowned Feng Shui master practitioner and the owner of Tracy Boyce Feng Shui.

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Clutter clearing is one of my favorite topics. Feng Shui 101. The most bang for your buck and fastest way to get energy moving. It is tough enough dealing with one’s own acquired stuff, but when it is inherited it can become overwhelming and paralyzing. Please read the featured story below about my client Theresa and be inspired by the transformation from grief to happiness due to her readiness and willingness to confront clutter.

The loss of her mother in 2007 was extremely difficult for my client Theresa, a teacher. For two years she felt discouraged to go through her and her mother’s things, resulting in an enormous amount of clutter and emotional strain. But after those two years of mourning and feeling disheartened, Monica was finally ready to confront her and her mother’s belongings. This was a way for her to honor and pay respect to her mother, who she said would be “rolling in her grave” if she knew the disarray her apartment was in.

Clutter was running rampant in Monica’s living room. We went through boxes upon boxes, bags upon bags of miscellaneous things including old bills and paperwork, books, knickknacks, outdated teaching materials, her mother’s things, and her collection of dolls. We made piles for throw away, donation, mail to relatives, keep, and bring to school. We reorganized shelves in her living room to display family photos, relics, books, and trinkets. We implemented a filing system for her bills, paperwork, and miscellaneous items. We rearranged her closets for better use and efficient storage space. In the kitchen, we reorganized shelves for better convenience and accessibility, which re-ignited her passion for cooking. Monica and her mother use to enjoy doing crafts together, so we also set up a space for crafts and scrap booking.

It took three days to clear the clutter and to organize, but when it was through, we could automatically sense lightness and movement – a true change. Going through her and her mother’s things was freeing and necessary. It was a way for Monica to honor her mother while taking command of her own life, to reaffirm her sense of self.
The next weekend she invited her family over for a barbecue for the first time. Everyone was amazed and shocked with the apartment’s transformation. It was comfortable, inviting, and uncluttered. Monica’s niece played with Monica’s collection of dolls, while her family could look through recovered old photos and enjoy the uncluttered living room. They came back the following week. Monica couldn’t be happier!

Tracy’sFeng Shui Tip:

Objects are objects. People are people. Sometimes the two get mixed up. Throwing away your loved ones’ belongings is not throwing away your loved ones. The love and feelings you have are everlasting.

When clearing clutter remember things have no feelings.

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