Fall Closet Cleanout in Two Easy Steps and Dress for Success Suit Drive

Claudia Veihl Marketing Director, Designer and CAD Developer at Connecticut Closet & Shelf.

August 15th, 2016 No Comments

I couldn’t believe it when I had to blow off the first layer of leaves from my lawn the other week. Even though we have, at the moment, a heat wave in Connecticut fall and the start of school is right around the corner.

Yesterday I decided that it was time to reassess what I should keep in my closet and what should go. Fall (as well as spring) is the perfect time to reassess and clean out. And my process is really simple and won’t take long to accomplish. All you need is a box and some time.

Step 1: Take Inventory

I scan all my clothes and pull out what I have not worn all summer. For some clothes it is a no brainer, I know I haven’t worn them because I really do not like them (anymore). Those are easy, in the box they go.

For others the decision is harder, I still like them but for whatever reason haven’t worn them all summer. Those get a respite and can stay for another season.

Then there are the ones that I don’t wear but have ambivalent feelings about and hang on for some diffuse reason. Some of them have emotional value others constitute a costly buying mistake. Here it is where it gets tricky but I found that putting them in the box and then store it out of sight for a number of months helps. This way I get used to not seeing them and when the time comes I can get rid of the box, preferably without opening it before and succumbing to second thoughts.

Then there are the exceptions. Yes, I do have those, too. For example, I haven’t gone to the gym all of last year so I should actually get rid of my exercise clothes.But, as hope springs eternal, I decide that those can stay and maybe will get some use in the near future!!

Step 2: Make a Call

I store the box but also make a date for pickup or dropping it off. In my case I schedule one of my favorite charities (Big Brother, Big Sisters or the Vietnam Veterans) to come and pick it up. Both organizations are great and you can schedule a pick up time and date on their website. This will force me to continue decluttering until the pick up date.

Now while you go through your closet:

We could use your help

Should you come across women’s business attire in your closet and are willing to donate please consider dropping it off at Connecticut Closet. We are holding a fall suit drive for the month of September 2016 to benefit Dress for Success Mid Fairfield County, CT.

For more information please go to ctcloset.com “Community Outreach”.

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