How to House the Stuff of Your Life and Bring Balance to Your Home

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August 28th, 2014

The biggest enemy to your serene home is an over abundance of things you don’t need. In other words: CLUTTER. To help you understand why clutter  creates bad energy try looking at space artistically.  Consider this:  Space is either negative (empty) or positive (full). Positive space in our homes is taken up by our bodies and our stuff (furniture, clothing, objects, etc.).  In music it is the melody, in dance it is the dancers, in art it is the principle shape or subject matter.

Negative (artistically not emotionally !)/Empty Space however, makes the magic happen. It is the silence between the notes, the space seen amidst dancers dancing and the area surrounding the subject in a painting.

Without Negative/Empty Space there would be no form – no balance, clarity or beauty.

In our homes, Negative/Empty Space is the glorious dimension we move through to get to our stuff and each other.Call it what you will: Physical space, Chi, breathing space, interior space, spiritual space – These days we all have too little of it because we have too much stuff.

The creation of more Negative/Empty Space is the paramount first step to bringing balance and organization into our homes. First, take a good hard look at all of those things that you know deep in your heart you will never use or wear again, and let go. Rid yourself of all the obsolete stuff eating up your valuable, Space.

Begin by dividing your stuff into three categories:

  • Throw Away Stuff still waiting to be mended, repaired, de-stained.
  • Sell Stuff you think is worth $ in its current state.
  • Give Away Stuff still in excellent/good condition, to worthy organizations seeking donations.

Hire a Professional Organizer

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of getting rid of your stuff, the skill of a professional organizer is invaluable. Choose from a list of professionals in your geographic area.

National Association of Professional Organizers

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