If You Dare to Share

Cindy Bernier was the President and Owner of Connecticut Closet & Shelf and the founder of ClosetAdviser.com

December 23rd, 2014

Allocating ownership of space is dicey business. I remember as a girl, my sister and I placed a piece of colored tape down the center of our shared bedroom in an effort to enforce respect of property.

I am for anything that promotes peace in the home. I do believe the smallest things can make big differences and dividing space in the closet is one of them.

If you find sharing a closet is causing tension, do something about it!  But, If you dare to share, beware.
Please Note: A closet designer would be extremely helpful in discussing storage design choices with you and your partner/spouse. She/he however is not a marriage counselor.

Option 1: Share the Closet
If sharing a closet is a necessity, I recommend clearly dividing the space into two parts. Don’t be afraid to make the parts unequal. Sometimes one partner is in far greater need for space than another but this ‘illumination’ must be recognized by both parties. After deciding on the division of space the allotted areas can be designed to personally suit the needs of each person. Space can be purposed in the following ways:

  • Long Hanging Section: For dress, robes, long coats, etc.
  • Double Hanging Sections: For shirts, trousers, skirts or anything that fits in a shorter hanging section.
  • Shelving: For sweaters, jeans (or whatever shelves are desired for)
  • Shoe Shelves or Cubbies
  • Drawers: For items you cannot fit in your dresser.
  • Baskets: For laundry, socks, gym wear, etc.

Option 2: Use a Second Closet from another Room
Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, shutting the door and allowing your partner/spouse to continue sleeping, most definitely promotes peace! Often times an auxiliary closet in an adjacent area is the perfect solution to a cramped MBR closet. The day my little 6 foot closet became totally mine, I entered a new zone of feng shui happiness. My husband is very content with his closet in the adjacent room and all is well.


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