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Claudia Veihl Marketing Director, Designer and CAD Developer at Connecticut Closet & Shelf.

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The ironing board is an often overlooked item in the planning and design process. But it does not need to take up a lot of space and is easily incorporated in any type of room. Luckily there are a lot of great solutions for dealing with an ironing board from the simple and inexpensive to the professional and costly.

Some of the following solutions I have in my own home, some of them are sold and installed by Connecticut Closet and Shelf. Please be aware that all prices, dimensions and weights are approximate.

Table Top Ironing Boards

Advantage: simple, portable, inexpensive

Disadvantage: ironing surface (table, or other top) needed

I still own and use the magnetic mat. It works well even though I dislike to use it on top of a washer or dryer. Both are ergonomically too high for convenient ironing.

Magnetic Ironing Mat at Amazon $7
Polder Deluxe Table at Polder $13
Ironing board with storage $100-$150 or check out Pinterest for some DIY versions of it or this one on Amazon for $140

Door Mounted Ironing Boards

Advantage: simple mounting – no tools necessary, inexpensive, can utilize behind the door space

Disadvantage: users often complain about it being not sturdy and firm enough during ironing

Household Essential at Walmart for ca. $35

Wall Mounted Iron Board Holders

Advantage: simple installation, often includes iron holder, inexpensive, can be installed in a closet, can hold different size boards

Disadvantage: more effort to unfold and set up, board needs clear floor space to set up, make sure that it fits your boards T or Y legs.

Organize It All at Amazon for ca. $10
Houshold Essential at Walmart for ca. $14

I personally have the Household Essential holder and love it. The holder is heat resistant and a fairly hot iron can be stored on it. I do not use it to hang a board, just to store my iron. Or even simpler: attach two hooks for hanging your ironing board as seen here from Clover House.


For DYI ideas check out Pinterest.

Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

For wall mounted boards I found two that I really liked:

Haefele Ironfix


$210-$240 (37’x12’ ) ca. 23lbs

Advantage: wall mounted, foldable and compact, swivels and can be inclined, sturdy construction

Disadvantage: heavy, not full sized

I considered buying the Haefele but because of its weight decided against it. I would recommend to attach it only to studs or wood blocking.

Eureka Ironing Board


$105 (32” x 12”) 11lbs

Advantage: light weight, easy installation, compact, protrudes only 1.5” when folded down, fairly inexpensive, sturdy enough construction

Disadvantage: doesn’t swivel, visible, no cover, not full sized, ships from Ireland so additional shipping charges ($28 to East Coast US)

This is the one I ended up buying. Shipping to the US was fast and easy (about 2 weeks). I bought it directly on Etsy from the manufacturer which was also the cheapest solution, it also sells on Amazon. It works well but it is best used for smaller and occasional ironing.

Ironing Cabinets

Advantage: ironing board is hidden behind cabinet door.

Disadvantage: more expensive, may need professional installation

There are a number of manufacturers that sell ironing cabinets. Some of them have to be recessed some can be surface mounted. The price ranges from $200-$500

Some companies are:

We recommend and sell the  Iron-Away boards in our showroom. They come in a combination with adjustable swivel, electrical outlet, timer and in 42” and 46” long boards. They can be surface or recessed mounted and are available with a number of different door styles.

Deluxe Ironing Center with Swivel

Excellent shopping sources with reviews:

Build Into Cabinet Drawer

Advantage: hidden behind cabinet door

Disadvantage: can only be installed in certain sized cabinets, may need professional installation

The most sold vanity board is probably the Rev-A-Shelf which we have installed numerous times as well. It can be installed in any cabinet with a width between 14.5” and 21” and comes in two depths either 16” or 20”. The 16” depth sells at for $110 and the 20” on Amazon for $150.

Rev-a-Shelf Pull-Out Ironing Board

Some great research sites are:

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