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Sweater Folding 101

Cindy Bernier | May 3rd, 2015

Sometimes the simplest thing can make a big difference. Meeting with NCG (National Closet Group) and ACSP (Association of Closet and Storage Professionals {more}

The Closet Comes Out of the Closet

Cindy Bernier | January 14th, 2015

Closets with breakfast bars, TVs, Safes, ottomans, and chandeliers?  Actually — Yes. The Wall Street Journal has come out with an article by Anjali {more}

Why Closet Design is an Art

Cindy Bernier | December 23rd, 2014

You may be thinking, ‘How hard could it be to design a closet?  Surely I can do it!’ This is the neophyte syndrome – where ignorance is bliss, allow {more}

If You Dare to Share

Cindy Bernier | December 23rd, 2014

Allocating ownership of space is dicey business. I remember as a girl, my sister and I placed a piece of colored tape down the center of our shared bedroom {more}

Clutter Blindness

Cindy Bernier | October 29th, 2014

Reading “Stuff’ by Randy Frost and Gail Sketekee illustrates in full, shocking detail, the degree to which people become obsessed with possessions th {more}

How to House the Stuff of Your Life and Bring Balance to Your Home

Cindy Bernier | August 28th, 2014

The biggest enemy to your serene home is an over abundance of things you don’t need. In other words: CLUTTER. To help you understand why clutter  creat {more}

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