Shoe Storage Options for the Imelda Marcos in You

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OK… let’s not get embarrassed by the shoes we keep — and keep buying.  Let’s instead take action to organize them. Of course first you must survey your shoe collection and rid yourself of those pairs that simply don’t serve you any more.  This requires you to make those three piles again so you can carve out more of that beautiful empty space that will allow for clarity, balance and chi to abound in your home!

Once you are left with your collection of beloved shoes you can choose from a wide variety of shoe storage options listed below.  All have their pluses and minuses and in the end your choice boils down to a compromise between your personal aesthetic and what your particular space allows, not to mention the number of shoes in your collection!

The following is a list shoe storage options we have used and are highly effective.

  1. Acrylic Shoe Cubbies: These strong ¼ “acrylic shoe cubbies can help maximize shoe storage.  They come in varying sizes and fit between two fixed shelves and two solid partitions in a custom closet.  You can stack the shoes as you do in a shoe box (one pair per cubby) or place a single shoe in each cubby.
  2. Adjustable Shoe Shelves or Slanted Shoe Shelves: Adding adjustable shelves is a great option if you already have or are planning a custom closet.  First find the appropriate depth by measuring the length of your shoes.  Next group pairs of shoes together to find the appropriate width.  Most often, men and women find a 12” deep by 24” wide shelf will fit 3 pairs of shoes.
  3. Closet Maid Ventilated Steel 18 Pair Shoe Rack: Even though these are slightly old fashioned (we no longer carry these for lack of interest), the 18-21 pair shoe rack is a favorite of mine.  Perhaps this is because after 20 years of usage, they (I use two!) are still in great shape.  The 21-18 Pair Shoe Rack is made to fit on the back of a door but can be mounted on any wall space.  They are roughly 6” deep, so if you do mount them on a closet door make sure the depth of the closet is great enough that you can close the door!
  4. Lazy Shoe Zen: This Shoe Carousel Shelf is perfect for deep corners in closets. It is available in a five shelf ladies version that holds up to 25 pair of shoes and a three shelf men’s version that holds up to 12 pair of shoes, both feature 360 degree rotating, clear acrylic adjustable shelves with shoe horns….Pretty cool!
  5. Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes: These stackable boxes will keep off-season shoes dust-free.  They come in a variety of sizes and can be found with top lids as well as a slide out/drawer type.

Remember to begin by clearing away.  Begin by dividing your stuff into three categories:

  • Throw Away Stuff still waiting to be mended, repaired, de-stained.
  • Sell Stuff you think is worth money in its current state.
  • Give Away Stuff still in excellent/good condition, to worthy organizations seeking donations.


Here is a brief list but check locally for churches and social service groups accepting donations.



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