The Closet Comes Out of the Closet

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January 14th, 2015

Closets with breakfast bars, TVs, Safes, ottomans, and chandeliers?  Actually — Yes. The Wall Street Journal has come out with an article by Anjali Athavaley describing a new phase in the closet evolution— the Live-In Closet (versus Walk-in Closet).

Outfitting spaces that are at once personal, private and public is a response to the dense, speedy lifes we have created for ourselves. No longer are closets used to just organize and find things.  They are now becoming rooms to hang out in and seek refuge.  Perhaps the new closet has become a distilled version of ones home — A space that manifests our  longing for identity and control. Perhaps this new trend is an expression of our fundamental need to ‘slow down and smell the roses’.  If we can’t ‘slow down’ outside our homes, perhaps we can inside it.  If we can’t ‘slown down and smell the roses’ inside our homes, perhaps we can inside our closets!  There is something to be said about finite spaces and the feeling of security and calm it  brings when clean, organized and beautiful.

We already know more couples are choosing to have separate closets.  This too is an expression of our times.  In the article, a homeowner states, “The master bedroom is where partners share their lives, but closets are for personal space. It’s a metaphor for how to have a good marriage.”

Also noteworthy is a quote by our ACSP (Association of Closet and Storage Professionals) president, Jeff Klein.  “People are successful because they are efficient.  What better way to start the day?”  As storage design professionals, this has always been a part of our mantra.

Closets are indeed a metaphor for our lives.  At any given moment we choose significant ways to influence our lives positively.  For some of us, this means improving what we already have and being thankful.

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