Why Closet Design is an Art

Cindy Bernier was the President and Owner of Connecticut Closet & Shelf and the founder of ClosetAdviser.com

December 23rd, 2014

You may be thinking, ‘How hard could it be to design a closet?  Surely I can do it!’ This is the neophyte syndrome – where ignorance is bliss, allowing for buckets of enthusiasm to feed courage into action. Trust me…It’s not as easy as it looks.  Over the years we have had more than a few ‘do-it-yourself-ers’ who refuse our design services, insisting they know exactly what they need.  They purchase parts we manufacture with hardware and accessories to outfit their dream closet….BUT

During numerous phone conversations with our staff it becomes apparent the ensuing problems are not due to lack of skills in the building department, but rather a design that simply does not work.

Here is a list of obstacles to seriously consider when creating a successful closet design.

Ceiling/Wall light fixtures

  • Air-Conditioning Ducts
  • Steam Shower Units
  • Electrical Boxes or Outlets
  • Plumbing Obstructions
  • Heat Radiators/Ducts
  • Windows and Doors – opened and closed (no kidding).
  • Baseboard Molding
  • Ceiling Attic Hatch Doors
  • Built-In Ledges
  • Wall Built-Outs housing miscellaneous plumbing or AC/Heating equipment

Equally important considerations such as height, width and depth needed for each hanging, shelving or bank of drawers or baskets can make or break a closet design.

Choosing correctly from a plethora of accessories (to further aid in organization) is also a skill and knowledge base closet designers excel at.  Closet designers not only know what’s available, they are capable of weeding through the many choices to zero in on a few recommendations, uniquely suited for each design.

While the non-designer layman falls short for the above reasons, designers and architects tend to over-design a space that lacks practicality.  Placing clothing versus shelving versus drawers on walls without consideration of function and flow is a common mistake.

Closet design is dependent on the integration of essential details including: personal preferences/needs, style, form and function into the limited space that is being designed.

Like I said…Closet design is an art.


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